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Westwood Residences Cooling Measures

Cooling Measures on Westwood Residences will affect Westwood Residences Prices

There are numerous investors who are hunting for Westwood Residences EC in close proximity to the MRT stations as property experts believe condo properties and in particular Executive Condominiums in the West located in close proximity to MRT stations has proven that prices have a tendency to increase as the general economy recovers. This is because there are generally many buyers out there but they are restricted on the loans due to the implantation of the Total Debt to Service (TDSR) ratio on property loans.

Westwood Residences Cooling Measures

Because of the implentation of the restriction of loans, numerous home buyers for Westwood Avenue EC are inquiring about real estate developers to help lower down their asking prices for the new launch units as it became apparent to buyers that there are countless vacant units in the development which are still left unsold. Also, potential buyers are also aware that developers need to pay development charges should there be unsold units after TOP. Even though real estate developers are inclined to discuss on the prices on Westwood Residences New EC, numerous home buyers of westwood residences Koh Brothers are generally also watchful when searching to enter the property market presently.

Westwood Avenue EC

EC Sales Slows due to Cooling Measures

Because of the numerous measures set forth by the government to reduce the amount of loan available for property buyers, property selling prices within the city state register a drop because of a absence of potential buyers in the market. Then again, several property analysts noted that this does not indicate that westwood residences Heeton Homes should not be invested because many are convinced that the prices of the properties definitely will gradually increase over the long term when the government lift the cooling measures. In spite of this, choosing a property might be a overwhelming process and below are a number of advices offered by real estate specialists.

Westwood Residences Cooling Measures

Cooling Measures for Westwood Residences

Particularly, luxury family homes have been completely toughest hit because of the government’s various house cooling procedures. Some areas which have many condominiums in a certain area also registered a drop in prices which came to effect last month. Inside the 3rd quarter of 2014, luxurious home purchase prices fell 0.9 % quarter-on-quarter. It remains now to see if the government will lift the cooling measures in an effort to reduce the drop in prices.

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