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Singles will be able to purchase more to room 2-room flats in the coming year

4000 additional 2-room flats are being rolled out by the government for 2015 and the quota for singles will be raised to 50% in May the effective date of the next Build-To-Order (BTO), so says Khan Boon Wan National Development Minister for Singapore.

He also announced during the yesterdays parliamentary session that the housing board is revamping its studio apartment scheme for Westwood EC, which was an initiative started in 1998 that allow seniors to rent a smaller flat with a 30 year lease.

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A 99 year lease for 2 room flats is also being offered by the HTB and reconciliation is being proposed between similar units with varying lease time periods to cater to those who have different needs and to bring both programs into alignment.

The HTB is also studying what it can do to help couples purchase a resale flat near that of their parents.

Mr. Khaw many couples are now living in flats distance from those of their parents and would like to move closer to be able to look after their aging family members, or to aid in child rearing while both parents are working near Westwood EC.

In addition, several MPs who suggested that the qualifying income for new HTB flats should be either raised or removed.

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In 2011, these rates were raised however, it is not prudent to lift the income ceiling completely because HTB flats are heavily subsidized and the government should continue to target the help to those who need help the most. However, as income levels rise for buyers for Westwood EC in Westwood Avenue, we must be prepared to adjust the income ceiling. I have noted the other MPs concerns and the matter will be thought on some more.

The minister went on to reveal that his ministry was looking at ways to help rental tenants who no longer qualified for grants and have exhausted their housing privileges.

“”Can we formulate a plan which requires a family to make a serious commitment towards their children for example, and in return we provide a small flat with a shorter lease?””

Westwood Residences ec

Dr. Maliki Osman has been doing just that in his ward helping families gradually work their way into becoming homeowners.

“”It requires intensive groundwork, counseling, and encouragement. The true test however is to ensure that they do not end up losing the 3rd flat and returning again for Westwood EC to apply for another public rental. This requires careful planning and execution.”” he went on to say.

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